May 6, 2012

Scraps & Money Well Spent

This is my second post for today.  I wanted to share a couple items tonight now that my studio has been tidied and I have finished doing what I set out to do this week.  Yesterday, May 5th, was my husbands birthday (as well as Joyce's).  A few weeks ago I made THIS card for him and for colourQ #133.  When I went to sign the card I realized that that wasn't the right card for him.  So I quickly grabbed my scraps and a fresh piece of kraft and made him the following card which I popped a Starbucks card into.  My husband works from home and we usually go out for coffee each week, so this card just felt right.

So what about the money well spent?  If you are reading this, than likely you are like me and buying stamps and paper is your guilty pleasure.  I find that when my scrapbook store studio supplies  are used by my family it eases my conscience considerably!  My kids have become quite adept at using my my Silhouette, Cuttlebug, trimmer, decorative scissors, tape runner, inks and stamps.  My daughter made a card for her and her brother to give their Dad.  As we have all done she stamped Dad and part of the word didn't stamp.  She carefully went back over it and it caused a double (sound familiar?) and she said "it looks cool".  I wish I could be that cool when it happens to me. I think she did a great job and of course Dad loved it!

Enough rambling, have a good week.


Lisa Elton said...

Happy birthday to your hubby Tracey! I think this is a perfect card, and our coffee dates sound fun!

Your daughter did a FANTASTIC job on her card..whoo hoo for her!!

Joyce said...

Happy birthday to your husband. You definitely need to get out west and have him celebrate in real Cinco de Mayo style! Your card is great, especially since you guys have coffee dates--very sweet. I love the card your daughter made. I agree that it is good when family members use the supplies. I have been known to show my oldest daughter PTI peeks, knowing full well she will want me to buy the stamp set--then I can indulge and feel like I am a good mom, too.

Cyndie said...

Oh gosh, Tracey, both cards are so cute!!! I love that coffee cup image with the little wrappers--so appropriate for an avid coffee drinker! And your daughter's card is pure genius! Love the little clothespins clipping the ties to the line!

Kim Heggins said...

I have to say that the Heart-2-Heart set with the coffee/tea cups is at the top of my favorites list. Seems to be a perfect pairing for a birthday card too. The card your daughter made is just adorable too and how nice that she did not mind have to re-stamp the word dad...and it really does look "cool". Both are so fun, I am sure your hubby loved them.

Marybeth said...

Happy birthday to your husband,Tracey! Good for you using this set more than a few times. The card your daughter made is very good, I am not suprised though. Love the way she hung the ties. I like it when my sons girlfriend comes over to make crafts as well.

Ally said...

Oh, these cards are awesome! I don't know your sweetheart, but they both look perfect to me. ;-) And I wish I were that cool about my stamping mistakes, too!! (haha!) Sooooo NOT cool, I am.

Nice job, to you and your daughter! Great cards. ;-)