April 8, 2012

CAS-ual Fridays Challenge #47 - Let the Hunt Begin!

Happy Easter!
I hope the Easter bunny was good to everyone today.

My husband knows that I cringe when he buys cards for me from the store.  Does that make me seem stuck up?  I don't think so as I am sure all of you who create cards would agree.  However, when he does buy a card for me it is usually one of three things--thoughtful, beautiful or funny.  Today's card for me was funny, so i though I would share it with you.

On to the CAS-ual Fridays challenge.  Something you would find in an Easter basket.  My children are teenagers, but still love Easter.  Who doesn't, Easter is a time for family and a time for chocolate!  I saw this idea on Pinterest and created one for for each of my children's baskets.  They claim that Kinder chocolate is the best and still like to put together the toy!


Cyndie said...

Oh, what a CUTE idea--brilliant! And I love the card your husband gave you--what a hoot!

My husband realized a long time there was no need to spend money on cards since I have all these stamping materials at hand, so he makes cards for me using my supplies. Usually VERY simple (like one stamp, one color, no layers) but sometimes has a clever twist or a pun embedded.

Terri said...

Great idea for packaging the eggs. I don't like store bought cards from my hubby either but the one your hubby got you is very cute.

Cassandra said...

Wonderful idea Tracey, may have to give that a go next year. My husband usually tries to find cards that I might get crafty ideas from like embellishments and diecuts, so I am grateful he is thinking. He told me the joke that was on your card yesterday. great visual.

Christina said...

How cute are these egg cartons? I've never heard of Kinder chocolates, but who could resist them in this pretty packaging. :) Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Mara Campbell said...

What a super cute idea!!! And that card is too funny.

Laurie said...

OK this is a fun idea! I love the CAS design too! And chocolate? Send some my way! ;)

Laura Davis said...

Very creative!
Thanks for playing at CAS-ual Fridays!