August 31, 2011

Rugby Canada Nationals 2011

Sorry I have been missing most of August but what can I say, life got busy.  I figured the best way to put the month into perspective is with pictures.  My son is 16 and last year he took up rugby at school.  Captain of the rugby team two years in a row, led his team to gold two years in a row, and has now played for Team Ontario two summers in a row.  This year Team Ontario took him to Calgary, Alberta for the National Championships.  My husband, daughter and I tailgated.  A fantastic trip of rugby in the mountains, Banff National Park and Lake Louise.  The mountains made a beautiful backdrop.


Laurie said...

So I had to come over and check out the busy-ness and WOW!! These pictures are awesome! I love the kids pics too! And those mountains? I wanna come vist!!

Lisa Elton said...

Beautiful photos Tracey! And yay for your son!!!