June 5, 2011

PTI Stamp Storage System

Papertrey Ink stamps are becoming an obsession for me.  I have gone back to my first love in crafting, creating with stamps.  PTI stamps are clear stamps and come with a label with the exact size images and a clear CD case for storage.  It is a great system but one that doesn't work for me.  I am very visual and need to be able to look through my stamps when deciding which I am going to use.  I went on the look for a new method to store these stamps.  I keep my wood mounted stamps in clear plastic drawers that I can open to view.  I keep all other clear stamps inside photo pockets in 3 ring photo albums.  Some fit into a 4 x 6 slot and some take two.  This way I can search through my stamps sitting on the floor, on a chairs or at my desk.  This works for me.  : )

As for my PTI stamps this is what I do:
  1. I save the PTI gif image of the stamp set.
  2. I open a Word document and insert the picture.
  3. I enlarge it until it is the same size as my stamps.
  4. Print.
  5. Place a transparency sheet over the printed image.
  6. Take out my label and sharp scissors.
  7. Cut out and stick the title to the top right on the transparency.
  8. Cut and stick the remaining images.
  9. Adhere to the back.
  10. Three hole punch and place in a binder.
* I store my binders so that the pages fall down. See below.

Okay this is a bit labour intensive, but it works for me. I am working on die storage but Dawn McVey's system she uses looks like it will work for me. Here is Dawn's link .

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Alanna said...

I see that you posted this several years ago and I was curious about how this system has worked for you. You said that you stored your clear stamps on transparency sheets. Have the stamps become damaged at all? I am trying to figure out if transparency sheets are a safe way to store clear stamps long term. Thanks!